Rabu, 22 Mei 2013

Android advantages over other OS

Android advantages compared to other operating system is the operating system developed by Google search engine giant may be used free of alias is open source. This is one advantage of android, so as to reduce the selling price of an Android smart phone. Compare this to Windows phone os to pay a license if you want to use it.
It did not happen in Android making one Android advantage that we can find when compared to other smart phone operating systems.
Another advantage of Android is that Android is open source, a lot of, whether individuals or groups who make modifications to the operating system that is available from Google.
This will give the user the freedom to use the Android smart phone using the official version or the Android version opersi system that has been modified to get better battery life, and a different view of the other. This of course will not be found in other smart phone operating system as to be able to have the source code, we have to pay for the license, and usually only open it can be used for individual companies.

Android itself is growing quite rapidly, within one year may appear two new versions of the Andoid operating system. Obviously, the latest versions of Android also brings a nice change from the side view and in terms of performance.

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